Condensed Aircraft Accident Investigation

Investigation Course

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The SCSI Condensed AAI course is an intensive weeklong version of our full 2-week AAI course. It is intended for those who might be called upon to represent their organizations in the event of an Accident or Incident and need to be familiar with the investigation process. Whether they represent manufacturers, airlines, insurance companies, maintenance operations, etc. they will need to be familiar with the basics of an investigation and how to interact with the investigation team. This course will prepare them to do just that.

This course provides attendees with the basic, yet essential training required for an aircraft accident investigator. The course’s material flow mirrors that of a real investigation. An introduction provides the attendees with basic ICAO investigative and reporting requirements with a review of Annex 13. The course then provides instruction on initial accident response, search and salvage, crash site safety, blood borne pathogens, photography and witness interviews. Once material from the field phase of an investigation is complete, the course shifts to other technical aspects of an investigation to include: human factors, fire analysis, crashworthiness and survivability. The course concludes with a brief introduction to helicopter accident investigations, technical report writing, industry updates on the latest tools and techniques and case studies where attendees will apply the learned material in practical application exercises.