Crew Resource Management

A Safety Management Systems (SMS) Certificate Course

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From time to time various organizations may have a need for an aviation safety training course or group of course topics (prevention or investigation oriented) that does not appear on any catalog list of courses. This special topics course is a “place holder” course that can be used as the basis for assembling and delivering any course content or grouping of course topics that may be required and which is not covered or included in existing SCSI courses. This course is available by contract only. If you have specialized needs that are not covered by an existing SCSI course, simple contact SCSI and talk about assembling a Special Topics course tailored to meet your needs.

Note: You may contract with SCSI to bring this course to a location of your choice at a mutually negotiated time.

Who Should Attend

Any individual who will need the contents of the customer-selected topics in a special topics course.

How You Will Benefit

  • You will expand your knowledge in exactly the areas and topics needed
  • Practical examples and case studies will enhance your theoretical knowledge in selected topic areas.
  • The Board of Certified Safety Professionals accepts this course for Continuance of Certification credit.
  • This course can be one of the elective courses for the Certificate in Safety Management Systems or the Certificate in Aircraft Accident Investigation granted by SCSI depending on the course content.
  • SCSI will award 3.6 CEUs to each participant who successfully completes this course.

Course Administration

Taught at the Long Beach Marriott hotel in Long Beach, California or at a customer selected location, the Special Topics Course consists of 4.5 training days. Students receive a textbook, lecture outlines, additional reference material and a Certificate of Completion. Classes begin daily at 0800 and end at noon on the last day.