What clients are saying about our classes…

“Excellent use of electronic media, mixed with hands on cases. Very professional instructor with a great attitude!”

Corporate Clients

“Terrific experience, looking forward to future opportunities”

“Case studies in a group embraced the professional instruction that created a wealth ofdiscussion”

“Fantastic instructor”

“The instructor’s  amazing capability to make me understand the topics by using examples and videos.  Excellent!

“Very powerful and constructive course! Was great! Excellent job!”

“I like the video case study applied to the theory”

“Multiple case studies. Constant interaction between presenter and participant”

“Excellent course- thank you!”

“Has provided me with better ways/tools to evaluate/ investigate safety reports”

“Excellent linking theory to practial examples”

Government Clients

“Excellent cause analysis tools, good discussions, very knowledgeable instructor”

“The material was well done, very interesting information. Instructor was great, he shared his experiences with the audience”

“Great course, very well spoken instructor”

“Excellent case studies, examples, and experiences shared by the trainer”

“Very well delivered”

“Excellent scenarios presented”

“Excellent workshops, as they pertain to real life situations”

“Very good. Class mix made for interesting communication, feedback and experiences. Classes could easily go longer due to interesting communication”

“Excellent open communication, instructor experience”
“Teaching aids and resources provided were very good- instructor very knowledgable”

Military and Law Enforcement Clients

“Excellent scenarios presented”

“Very interactive”

“Instructor very good. Good presentations. Good atmosphere in class. Everything very good.”

“Experienced lecturer with large repertoire”

“Good use of several case studies to try out what we learned”

“A lot of good learning”

“Good mix of practical exercises and theoretical subjects”


“The interactive approach and the instructor’s ability to relate the material to the real world by using  examples was excellent”

“Excellent use of electronic media, mixed with hands on cases. Very professional instructor with a great attitude!”

“Excellent instructor, very knowledgeable and friendly. Great case studies and course participation.”

“Excellent use of case studies to highlight the different aspects of ISMS. Also the active use of group”

"Very well prepared course material. Impressive use and support during the classes"